Payments and security works with Banca Sella bank circuit to guarantee privacy, security and the efficiency of transaction. Information will be directly managed by the server SSL3 (Secure Socket Layer) with encryption 128 (the biggest length available on the market), nowadays the higher security standard, server certified, created and managed by Verisign Inc. run by Banca Sella. None, including, can access to credit cards codes used by customers.

Payment with credit card

Choose Credit Card, as payment method and purchase safelt. Bellevy accepts all the major cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners, with Gestpay Sella bank circuit. Card Verification Value, payments require card verification value (CVV) for Visa and Mastercard and 4DBC (Four Digit Batch Code) for American Express. These codes are fundamental for security issues and data authentication. Card’s holders will be asked to include their codes during payment procedure.

Important notice for Visa and Mastercard holders , Major banks issuing credit cards follow the Security Payment Policy on the internet (Verified by Visa / Secure Code MasterCard). If this is your case, when you proceed with the payment you’ll be directly linked to your bank website, where you’ll be asked to type your credit card code, or eventually a password or the answer to a pre-set question. This code could be found on:

* Your Credit Card monthly report
* By contacting directly your banks