How do I find items ?

Browse the sections on the website to discover excellence in every aspect of your everyday life, from the pleasure of a tasty dinnerto the luxury of an accessory or a jewel.

Bellevy’s advices

Bellevy is by your side for a wise and aware shopping oriented towards the research of the best; that’s why each week it is shown a window with the product of the day or the month.

How can I add an item to cart ?

To order an item on Bellevy, all you need to do is click on “Add to cart” button that you can find on every page. You can have access to your cart anytime, by clicking on the bag icon on the top right part of the page.

How can I go to the checkout ?

Once you’ve put your chosen item(s) in the cart, Bellevy will ask you whether to keep on shopping.. When you’re ready to buy and close the order, click on the “Go to check out“ button and follow the steps. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any issue.

Why do I have to provide a delivery address ?

If you don’t provide a delivery address we cannot deliver your order. It your address is a post office box, just remember to indicate “P.O. box” before the number. Each order will be delivered to the address you indicate. If you’re not at home at the delivery time, the courier will leave a notice and will try to deliver the next day. Ask your post office the zip code of the area you’re living in.

What are the payment methods ?

Paying is allowed with credit card (through paypal): choose Credit Card as payment method and pay with any kind of card with Visa, MasterCard, JBC and America Express logo impressed. accepts rechargeable cards, Maestro circuit and Visa Electron as well. Safe transactions: each purchase is totally safe thanks to the most advanced technologic and code systems (SSL). You can count on VeraSign and ATW certificates. Quick purchase: save your payment datas on your profile account and order with just one click. To receive a refund you need to have a bank or postal account. If you’re a new user we suggest you to choose a password for your account in order to remember the payment method and the address you indicated during the first order. You can also use your password to apply changes to your order and other account informations.

I can now proceed with my order, what else should I know ?

Be sure that you filled all forms properly, then click to the “Buy” button. You will receive a canfirmation email in a while.

My order has been confirmed, Can I still apply changes at it ?

To apply changes to a confirmed order, please contact the customer service at +39 011.3188146

I can’t remember my log in password: What can I do ?

Click on Log In and then “Lost your password’” and follow instructions to create a new one.

I don’t have a account yet: What should I do ?

You can create an account from your PC or smartphone. Go to homepage, where you’ll find the “New user” button.

When will I have the purchase amount charged on my credit card ?

The purchase amount will be charged to your credit card once you proceeded to the checkout and you got the order confirmation email.

Where is my order ?

As soon as your order will be takebn in charge, you will get an email with the tracking number and our courier’s website where you will be able to keep track of your box(es).