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Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer SERGIO MOTTURA, declares to that the item
White wine Tragugnano 2012
is produced in Italy at this address:

Località Poggio della Costa 1 - 01020 - Civitella D`agliano - Viterbo - Lazio - Italy

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White wine Tragugnano 2012


8,50 €
item code 3105

Minimum quantity : 6 units

Italian white wine from grapes Procanico, Grechetto and Sauvignon

Features: The 36 hectares of vineyards currently in production are located in different soils for both composition (more or less rich in clay or stony) and for exposure and altitude). So according to the climate Vintage can produce different qualities.
The "Tragugnano" is made from a selection of the best
grapes that make up this Orvieto DOC, selected in
vineyards that have responded better to the weather conditions the year.

Winemaking: Soft pressing, static clarification prior musts with lowering the temperature of the clean must with fermentation temperature control. The fermentation is deliberately slow.

Maturation: In stainless steel tanks on its lees, until the end of March.
Refinement: In the bottle in the cellar for two months.
Longevity: It is a wine whose body offers considerable complexity, can withstand very well, drawing considerable benefit, some years of aging.

Color: Straw yellow with golden reflections natural.
Perfume: Until the next harvest reveals sweet and hot mustard flower wild and vanilla. Maturing engage more pungent aromas of wild mint, sage, thyme and resins.
Taste: Dry but soft, complex finish.

Serving temperature: 8% - 10% C.

Pairings: The Tragugnano has a distinct personality and its softness surrounds the foods enhancing the flavor. This characteristic is well suited as an aperitif, with toasted tomato and basil, pecorino or fresh mozzarella.
As a table wine is an excellent accompaniment dishes typical of this area: spaghetti in tomato sauce or tuna, noodles in a sauce of anchovies, asparagus risotto, fettuccine with butter and sage, gnocchi alla romana, baked penne with sauce.
For half godetelo dishes with chicken alla romana, eggplant stuffed with mozzarella and tomato salad, chicory with anchovies.

Bottle 0,75 L standard

The price is for the single bottle

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White wine Tragugnano 2012 delivered directly from the manufacturer
0,75 liters - regular
Year 2012
Size 8 Cm X 30 Cm X 8 Cm
Weight 1.15 Kg
Made in Italy , Lazio , Viterbo , Civitella D`agliano
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