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Pics White wine JANKARA Vermentino DOCG , Pics number 7150 Pics White wine JANKARA Vermentino DOCG , Pics number 7148

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer JANKARA , declares to that the item
White wine JANKARA Vermentino DOCG
is produced in Italy at this address:

Localita' Lu Lioni - 07030 - Sant`antonio Di Gallura - Sassari - Sardinia - Italy

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White wine JANKARA Vermentino DOCG


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Italian white wine Jankara Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG

It is a real pleasure to bring to Australia the wine of our friends, Renato and Angela Spanu. Renato, who works with Neil Empson in the USA, followed his dream and purchased eight hectares in his ancestors’ region of Gallura, the prestigious Vermentino DOCG in northern Sardinia. What makes this region so unique for Vermentino is the imposing and beautiful granite mountains, the crushed granite soils contributing outstanding complexity and minerality to its wines. Within the region of Gallura there are several sub-zones and Jankara – the name comes from two neighbouring crus of Jannaca and Karana – is located in the heart of the prestigious ‘Vena di San Leonardo’, between the towns of Luras and Sant’Antonio di Gallura near Lake Liscia, about 300 metres above sea level and 25 minutes from the stunning Costa Smeralda beaches. The macroclimate is influenced by Lake Liscia and Monte Limbara, the island’s second highest mountain at 1300 metres, allowing for hot days and cool nights throughout the most important months of the growing season.
Renato enlisted Gianni Menotti, one of Italy’s leading oenologists, to make the wine and the result is outstanding. Classic Gallura, exhibiting white flowers, almond and tropical notes with a firm backbone of nervy acidity and delicate freshness.
The Jankara logo is an ancient crest of the Gallo (rooster) di Gallura, which dates back to the year 1116 and originally belonged to one of Gallura’s first Kings – Costantino Spanu – who, besides having the same surname, coincidently hails from the same town as Renato’s ancestors.

Size: 0,75 L

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Produced by JANKARA
White wine JANKARA Vermentino DOCG delivered directly from the manufacturer
0,75 liters - regular
Gambero Rosso 3 bicchieri rossi
Size 8 Cm X 30 Cm X 8 Cm
Weight 1.20 Kg
Made in Italy , Sardinia , Sassari , Sant`antonio Di Gallura
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