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Cascina i Carpini

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer Cascina I Carpini, declares to that the item
Sparkling wine Timorasso from rare grapes
is produced in Italy at this address:

S.p. 105 1 Frazione San Lorenzo - 15050 - Pozzol Groppo - Alessandria - Piedmont - Italy

Production site

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Sparkling wine Timorasso from rare grapes

Cascina i Carpini

18,00 €
item code 1793

Italian wine made from the fermentation at a controlled temperature of only selected grapes of the rare native variety " timorasso " from cru Magdalene.

Is achieved by a process developed over the years that allows you to take full advantage of the dowry mineral and acid fermentation of the grape for its .

It's a rare example of a sparkling wine made from ripe grapes and the fermentation of wine unfiltered .

It is characterized by structure, complexity, persistence and enviable evolving capacities due to the extraordinary aging potential.

It's a sparkling wine that seduces and fascinates, but not diffile complex, full, pleasant suitable for all without ever being corny.

Each vintage is characterized by different shades that change with time evolving into endless combinations of taste sensations.

It differs from the mass of sparkling world to be obtained from ripe grapes and wine-based aged at least 18 months.

Appearance: Pale yellow, bright , lively mousse and beautiful, from the very fine perlage and persistent
Olfactory Appearance : Fine, good intensity , clean, nuanced hint of yeast , an important fruity note of pome fruits and melon, pleasant floral
Appearance Taste: Good structure , sapid , slightly soft, balanced and long aromatic persistence
- Serving suggestions: Well suited to appetizers and pasta dishes with vegetables and fish, shellfish intense aroma , young cheeses , white meats and dishes of eggs.

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Produced by Cascina I Carpini
Sparkling wine Timorasso from rare grapes delivered directly from the manufacturer
0,75 liters - regular
Slowine Vino Slow
Size 8 Cm X 35 Cm X 8 Cm
Weight 1.20 Kg
Made in Italy , Piedmont , Alessandria , Pozzol Groppo
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