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Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer zanetto argenti snc, declares to that the item
Champagne glasses flutes 'Cascamondo'
is produced in Italy at this address:

via menotti 9 - 35020 - Albignasego - Padova - Veneto - Italy

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Champagne glasses flutes 'Cascamondo'


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Pair of design flutes Cascamondo with silver alloy, one side with golden interior.
Each flute is composed of two cones, each operable: a side silver, the other gold.

Italian design: Enrico Zanetti.

The name evokes the game Cascamondo underlying the project: it reverses the object it "falls up" you never get an above and a below.
Made entirely by hand by turning blanks cones in glass, hand soldering with silver binder.

PASSIONS: Creativity, mastery, beauty, sophistication: passions as well.
When acting creativity and mastery signs that raise man over other creatures, actions that require total commitment, we work on the subject a kind of alchemy: the object merge indelibly the passion and spirit of a man.
Create is to practice a quest into the unknown, to rise to worlds unknown loads of beauty, reporting signs and forms that substantiate the reality of harmony and purity of their spirit world.
Refinement is preciousness, rarity in a world dominated by serial objects, without identity and soul, a work of applied art lives in a higher dimension, expresses the joy dell'irripetibile: animate these works of our living space means affirm their identity and increase their well-being, become actors in a dialogue constantly renewed, which acts on the senses and emotion, and enriches us talking about passion and uniqueness.

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Produced by zanetto argenti snc
Champagne glasses flutes 'Cascamondo' delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 8 Cm X 18 Cm X 8 Cm
Weight 1.00 Kg
Made in Italy , Veneto , Padova , Albignasego
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