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Pics Water jug Twist , Pics number 3818 Pics Water jug Twist , Pics number 3817

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer DUSTODESIGN srl, declares to that the item
Water jug Twist
is produced in Italy at this address:

Via Perlena - 36030 - Fara Vicentino - Vicenza - Veneto - Italy

Production site

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Water jug Twist


130,00 €
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The water jug TWIST has a special asymmetrical shape, designed for easy filling and pouring the liquid.
The angle of the upper part turns to the person accepting easily stream of water, wine or whatever, and the bottleneck that occurs allows a comfortable and secure grip of the jug.
The particularity of TWIST enhances the craftsmanship of the piece, making it unique in its imperfections due to blowing mouth. Every pitcher is carefully constructed and individually cooled and engraved by hand one by one with the names of the designers who conceived of and 'craftsman who realized.

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Produced by DUSTODESIGN srl
Water jug Twist delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 14 Cm X 25 Cm X 14 Cm
Weight 0.40 Kg
Made in Italy , Veneto , Vicenza , Fara Vicentino
Standard Shipping 12 € / Estimated delivery in 3 working days