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Pics Ice cream and soup toureen 'Aquarius' , Pics number 5121

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer zanetto argenti snc, declares to that the item
Ice cream and soup toureen 'Aquarius'
is produced in Italy at this address:

via menotti 9 - 35020 - Albignasego - Padova - Veneto - Italy

Production site

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Ice cream and soup toureen 'Aquarius'


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Italian design ice cream and soup thermic tureen, made ​​with double slab of metal, alloy and stainless steel silver outside inside, with a cavity filled with insulating material with a thickness of one centimeter, which gives the object a high degree of isolation, allowing to maintain a along the temperature: ideal, then, for both the cold ice cream (for which there is provided an element methacrylate which divides the space into 4 compartments) that for hot foods such as soups.

Design: Enrico Bernardo & Zanetto.

AQUARIUS design dry and vibrant lights. Very suggestive decorative finish made ​​on surfaces, smooth and hammered with portions that create effects of light and chiaroscuro. Simple volumes are enriched and studied shadows and lightning that seems little drawing shapes. Only the skill of experienced hands can achieve compact surfaces and consistent in texture and beaten to make them become charming and refined decoration. The slab is changed externally, exalting the peculiarities textured silver, and internally, due to the thrust received. The result is a surface that seems to melt, liquefy. The metal becomes soft, watery without losing its reflective properties and strength. Earn, nay, force and energy, highlighted by polished borders of the reinforcement.

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Produced by zanetto argenti snc
Ice cream and soup toureen 'Aquarius' delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 24 Cm X 17 Cm X 24 Cm
Weight 2.50 Kg
Made in Italy , Veneto , Padova , Albignasego
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