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Pics Greek vase Dinos , Pics number 5144

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer Lucchetti Luca, declares to that the item
Greek vase Dinos
is produced in Italy at this address:

via Fabio Filzi 4 - 01017 - Tuscania - Viterbo - Lazio - Italy

Production site

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Greek vase Dinos


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The DINOS was used for mixing water with wine from which you drew with Kyathos and Kantharos.
The painting is in the Corinthian style depicting deer and panthers. The shape, which stemmed from the cauldrons of metal, ceramic appeared in the mid-seventh century BC Was maintained until the late fifth century BC and was particularly important in the first half of the VI.
Etruscan pottery, hand-painted respecting the techniques of drawing and colors used by the ancient Etruscans. Piece.

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Produced by Lucchetti Luca
Greek vase Dinos delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 25 Cm X 43 Cm X 0 Cm
Weight 1.50 Kg
Made in Italy , Lazio , Viterbo , Tuscania
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