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Mauro Franco
Pics Materic canvas , Pics number 2974

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer Mauro Franco, declares to that the item
Materic canvas
is produced in Italy at this address:

via Torino 134 - 10141 - Collegno - Torino - Piedmont - Italy

Production site

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Materic canvas

Mauro Franco

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Framework material created by the artist Mauro Franco.
Framework elegant and refined, excellent piece of furniture for modern and minimalist design.

Following critical nod Giovanni Cordero

Mauro Franco: its aniconic painting, material, condensed and rough is illuminated by a light grazing. Grafts materials extrartistici transform the substrate with a lumpy texture rough and intense color, in a force magma, telluric, able to give people the strength of sculptures and in the meantime unsettling reminder of the harshness of the existential quest.


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Produced by Mauro Franco
Materic canvas delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 60 Cm X 80 Cm X 3 Cm
Weight 3.00 Kg
Made in Italy , Piedmont , Torino , Collegno
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