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Pics Handmade Maccheroni Of Calabria , Pics number 3605

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer FORTE SRL, declares to that the item
Handmade Maccheroni Of Calabria
is produced in Italy at this address:

Contrada Cutura 236 - 87036 - Rende - Cosenza - Calabria - Italy

Production site

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Handmade Maccheroni Of Calabria


3,40 €
Discount 15 % da: 4,00 €
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Minimum quantity : 10 units

Pasta FORTE is made from the best selection of durum wheat semolina, using the bronze making procedure and a slow drying process at low temperature.
The natural ingredients (water and durum wheat semolina), the quality control of the production process, the cooking test and the handmade packing guarantee the respect for the antique techniques of the Italian tradition of handmade pasta manufacture.

Size: 500 g

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Produced by FORTE SRL
Handmade Maccheroni Of Calabria delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 14 Cm X 25 Cm X 8 Cm
Weight 0.50 Kg
Made in Italy , Calabria , Cosenza , Rende
Standard Shipping 9 € / Estimated delivery in 7 working days