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Pics SANDY wooden watch , Pics number 6497 Pics SANDY wooden watch , Pics number 6496 Pics SANDY wooden watch , Pics number 6495

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer AB AETERNO ITALIA s.r.l.s., declares to that the item
SANDY wooden watch
is produced in Italy at this address:

Via Carlo Ederle 15 - 37126 - Verona - Verona - Veneto - Italy

Production site

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SANDY wooden watch


129,00 €
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Sandy, is the AB AETERNO clock proceeds from maple wood 100% natural made ​​entirely by hand. Since ancient times, it is believed that this wood transmits calm, durability and energy. The warm color has the ability to instill calm and peaceful environment. The same feelings of relaxation and serenity you feel in the face of long and outstanding beaches of Sydney, from which our watch takes its name. The maple trees are also known to be able to survive in all types of soils and for their resistance to extreme temperatures. It is the tree of consciousness, allows you to clarify your thoughts and gives the ability to find an order in the newspaper. The durability and stability are essential characteristics for the man watch solid and concrete but do not want to have on your wrist a piece of cool style.

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Produced by AB AETERNO ITALIA s.r.l.s.
SANDY wooden watch delivered directly from the manufacturer
Weight 0.05 Kg
Made in Italy , Veneto , Verona , Verona
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