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Pics ROCKY wooden watch , Pics number 6479 Pics ROCKY wooden watch , Pics number 6478 Pics ROCKY wooden watch , Pics number 6477

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer AB AETERNO ITALIA s.r.l.s., declares to that the item
ROCKY wooden watch
is produced in Italy at this address:

Via Carlo Ederle 15 - 37126 - Verona - Verona - Veneto - Italy

Production site

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ROCKY wooden watch


129,00 €
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Rocky is the AB AETERNO clock derived from 100% natural red sandalwood made ​​entirely by hand. To make our fashion watch, we were inspired by the colors of the Australian red rocks, than, with their vibrant shades, contain within themselves a unique energy. Rocky is an essential fashion accessory for men of strong character and outstanding.
Our clock comes alive in Ayers Rock, in the heart of Australia. Uluru, the ancient name of the massif, is a powerful, full of energy related to the crystals that make it up and gave us the idea for a watch from the strong and determined personality. We tried to create a watch fashion but with a soul. The particularity of Rocky as Ayers Rock, is to preserve, through the nuances and veins that change over time, a trace of passing time.

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Produced by AB AETERNO ITALIA s.r.l.s.
ROCKY wooden watch delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 5 Cm X 1 Cm X 1 Cm
Weight 0.05 Kg
Made in Italy , Veneto , Verona , Verona
Standard Shipping 8 € / Estimated delivery in 4 working days
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