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Eugenio Mombelli - Wear the art / Indossa l'arte
Pics Silk printed scarf , Pics number 1822

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer EUGENIO MOMBELLI by Mizar Communication, declares to that the item
Silk printed scarf
is produced in Italy at this address:

via Pascoli - 25010 - San Zeno Naviglio - Brescia - Lombardia - Italy

Production site

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Silk printed scarf

Eugenio Mombelli - Wear the art / Indossa l'arte

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In his latest project "Wear the art", the master Eugenio Mombelli has revived on the fine silk all his paintings, creating beautiful and bright mix of colors on maxi and mini scarf, dress cuts, scarves , ties, bow ties and bags whose design is achievable in perfect digital printing with lower cost and accessible to the customer, or by hand directly bty the artist.
The peculiarity of the project is that each item of clothing, is a single original painting as the work itself. No silk product will therefore never same as another even if realized in print, thereby maintaining the originality in each case.
While wanting to choose a certain amount of the same edition of the same or most popular design, the artist would provide in each case to give a sign of exclusivity through editing the whole nuance of color, thickness or color of the frame, numbering or rather even a handwritten signature.
The first launch took place at Pitti W in Florence last June, when, attending the exhibition, the artist has noticed the enthusiasm of bayer, visitors and other exhibitors in recognizing the original idea.

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Produced by EUGENIO MOMBELLI by Mizar Communication
Silk printed scarf delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 120 Cm X 120 Cm X 0 Cm
Weight 0.01 Kg
Made in Italy , Lombardia , Brescia , San Zeno Naviglio
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