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Rocco Ragni
Pics Cashmere scarf with fox fur pon pon , Pics number 5050

Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer Rocco Ragni srl, declares to that the item
Cashmere scarf with fox fur pon pon
is produced in Italy at this address:

Strada del Compresso 2 Frazione Colle Umberto I - 06133 - Perugia - Perugia - Umbria - Italy

Production site

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Cashmere scarf with fox fur pon pon

Rocco Ragni

266,20 €
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Cashmere scarf with fox fur pon pon

In order to strengthen and promote italian fashion industry Rocco Ragni SRL has joined the Italian Fashion Textile (ITF) project, calling for a tracking system of the origin of each productive moment.
The final result of this journey along the productive chain of the italian fashion system consists in a label put on each garment able to tell all the history of it, its secrets, the places where it was created.
It is all about ethics and transparency protecting competence and quality of italian producers but, above all, a guarantee for the consumer.
Rocco's pride is to have put together stylistic innovation and artisan productivity. His items keep inhaltered the scent and quality of the handmade ones.
Weaving and looping are done by highly specialized personnel that follows the most innovative trends in fashion but still keeping the manual knowledge of textile and tailor tradition.

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Produced by Rocco Ragni srl
Cashmere scarf with fox fur pon pon delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 120 Cm X 30 Cm X 5 Cm
Weight 0.50 Kg
Made in Italy , Umbria , Perugia , Perugia
Standard Shipping 7 € / Estimated delivery in 4 working days