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Certificated address of production in Italy

logo certificato di produzione bellevy The manufacturer OYSTERSIN srl, declares to that the item
Man eau de parfum XJ 17/17 Irisss
is produced in Italy at this address:

Via Postumia 49c - 10142 - Torino - Torino - Piedmont - Italy

Production site

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Man eau de parfum XJ 17/17 Irisss


630,00 €
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The iris is the true perfume lover's muse. Lush, expressive, costly--the diva of the fragrance world--Florentine iris butter is to perfumers as
diamonds are to the jeweler. With Irisss, Xerjoff presents iris, set off by rose and ylang ylang absolute and given sparkle by carrot seed.
Irisss's heart weaves a velvet cloak of elegance, at once poudrée and earthy, resting on a finely hewn bed of incense and musk.
Breathe its essence deeply. In Irisss, you have found the ultimate iris fragrance.

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Produced by OYSTERSIN srl
Man eau de parfum XJ 17/17 Irisss delivered directly from the manufacturer
Size 7 Cm X 20 Cm X 7 Cm
Weight 0.50 Kg
Made in Italy , Piedmont , Torino , Torino
Standard Shipping 9.5 € / Estimated delivery in 3 working days